1 Department of Materials Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.

2 Anesthesia Techniques Department, Hilla University College, Babylon, Iraq


The fracture in dentures prepared from acrylic resin occurs frequently during the accidental damage or service through heavy occlusal force [1]. Impact failures usually occur out of the mouth as a result of accidental dropping due to cleaning, coughing or sneezing or a sudden blow to the denture [2]. This paper is focused on the effect of natural fibers on the mechanical properties of PMMA by changing two parameters (content of fibers and length of fibers). Fibers were treated with alkaline solution to improve the interfacial adhesion. Composite specimens were prepared by using hand lay-up method. The results were showed that the increasing the weight fraction of both fibers lead to increase compression strength and decrease impact strength of composite specimens. While, increasing fiber length of both fibers lead to decrease compression strength and increase impact strength of the composite specimens. The largest value obtained for bamboo specimens at (2mm) fiber length and (9wt. %) and reach (530 MPa.). The main goal of this research is studying the impact and compression properties of PMMA reinforced by natural fibers (siwak and bamboo) by varying length and concentration of both kinds of fibers.


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