Electromechanical Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


New results for experimental comparison of flexible underwater and land manipulator have studied in this research. A new experimental rig and test basin have designed to present the manipulators behavior. Several electronic devices used to capture the data that relates with land and underwater manipulators. Experimental parts have consisted on studying of hub-angle and vibration of end-point as in-line forces affection under static and moving waters conditions as a distributed flow speeds. The experimental outcomes appeared that the in-line forces influence on land manipulator case is more than the underwater manipulator. The outcomes revealed that angular displacement influence and vibration at the end-point of the land manipulator is unlike with underwater manipulator at disturbance cases about 80% and 59% for the first amplitude respectively while, very few vibration has been recorded for underwater manipulator behavior at static and moved waters after first amplitude compared with land manipulator.


Main Subjects