Department of Electrical Technologies, Mosul Technical Institute, Northern Technical University, Iraq.


In this work, a closed loop control system has designed to control the speed of separately excited direct current motor (SEDCM) using Fuzzy (Mamdani and Sugeno) and an Adaptive Neuro - Fuzzy techniques (ANFIS). The action of these control techniques is to produce the reference armature current that has fed to the hysterics current controller (HCC) that produces the required gating signal to a Buck chopper .Different load conditions has been applied to the motor to obtain many mode of operation, the speed held constant at the required references values using both fuzzy (Mamdani-type and Sugeno-type) and ANFIS techniques. The results has collected and compered with a classical PID controller using MATLAB/Simulink. Step response for the speed has drawn and the control parameters for this response have evaluated. According to the results, the Mamdani fuzzy controller technique is better than as compared with the other controllers. There are many applications for this plant such as production process that need to fill or Packaging any product or used in the autopilot channels. The new goal for this proposed system is to get robust speed controllers that track the speed at any mode of operation using three artificial intelligent techniques.


Main Subjects