Electrical Engineering Technical College, Middle Technical University (MTU), Baghdad, Iraq.


OFDM has high spectral Performance and pliability in multipath channel effects while MIMO use another strategy for saving power of transmitter by using multi in multi out antennas to make throughput processing in high efficiency. The transceiver MIMO OFDM implemented on an FPGA typeSpartan3 XC3S200 with proper algorithm, Invoke method and QPSK modulation. The project prospective to improve the transceiver operations in terms of data transmission in high speed and saving power for wireless communication system take in consideration the cost of implementation hardware. In the result registered throughput data rate 425 Mbps using spatial algorithm (ICA with SD algorithm) with another advantage reduction in PAR by 6db and BER less than 10-7).The total architecture using 61% slice registers, LUT's of 55% and memory about 67% on board of Spartan-3 XC3S200.


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