Electrical Engineering, Technical College, Baghdad, Iraq.


In this research, a novel Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) that can be used for personal identification has been proposed in order to control the entering of any building or facility for safety applications. The network consists of three parts; node carrying by authorized persons, Base Station (BS) to control the entering and gate controller. A Personal Computer (PC), which represented the BS, will display automatically some information like picture and state about the person that entered when he/she becomes in BS coverage area. The gate controller of protected building is received a command of PC after matching the data onto entire person and open by a period to allow only one person to pass the gate after being sensed by Human sensor of controller. While preventing any other body by maintaining the gate in case of closure and show alarm. For the experimental purpose, the control of the gate is virtually assumed as Light-Emitting Diode (LED) to represent the opening and closing by lighting and closing the LED respectively. An Arduino Uno is used as microcontroller and ZigBee S2 is used for communication link, because of their simplicity, small size and low cost. Results of running the proposed model confirmed that it could effectively and accurately control the entry and exit of people authorized to enter the important formation and recording the date and time of entry and exit form the need for intervention by people. On the other hand, it can easily review any person files and show his/her daily attendance.


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