1 Department of Electromechanical, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraqi

2 Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, S1 4DE, UK


In this paper, the force production mechanism in partitioned stator flux reversal permanent magnet (PS-FRPM) linear machine will be investigated. Since the PS-FRPM linear machine has both armature windings and the permanent magnet (PM) in one machine part and the other part is passive; thereby, the force production mechanism in conventional PM linear machine, is not valid for such a machine. In order to determine both magnetic and electrical loading frequency components, which result in production the electromagnetic force a spatial harmonic analysis is adapted. It has been found that the electromagnetic force in the PS-FRPM linear machine is produced by the interaction of the fundamental and its non-triple multiples harmonic orders of the stator winding magneto-motive force (MMF) with the air gap flux density, which is equal to the product of the PM (MMF) and the air gap permeance accounting for both the mover pole and the upper stator teeth. The analytical results are validated by finite element analysis (FEA), which are shown good agreement.


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