1 Department of chemical Engineering, University of Technology-Iraq

2 Ministry of Science and Technology, Baghdad, Iraq


These instructions give guidelines for preparing the article to be published in the Engineering& Technology Journal using MS World 7.0 or later. A short abstract should open the paper and give a clear indication of the aims, scope and the main results of the paper. The reader may decide from the abstract that the full text is of particular interest or not. The author should consider that the abstract is an indication of the scope of the topic and the obtained results and not a way of condensing the problem in a few words for quick reading. It should be no more than 200 words. It is placed under the title with a single space from the title. The paper titles should be concise and definitive. The length of the title should not exceed three lines. The abbreviations and formulae should be avoided. Papers titles should be written in uppercase and lowercase letters, not all uppercase. Capitalize the words of the paper title. Avoid writing a long formula and define all symbols used in the abstract and do not cite the references here.


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