1 Dep. of Architecture University of technology Baghdad, Iraq

2 Dept. of Architecture University of technology Baghdad, Iraq


Rapid changes and developments have brought contemporary intellectual theories and different and diverse ties to highlight the different and multiple concepts contribute to the definition of any philosophy and intellect, which are frequent and mutant methods and demonstrations of the same values and origins which in turn describe the state of existence, continuity, permanence and human communication, the most important concepts are Difference and contradiction as the basis of everything, and without them there is no existence or knowledge. most contemporary studies focused on the different critical methods linked to the semantics and meanings that express architecture on the one hand, and methods of expression, invocation and illustration on the other hand, and both are contribute in the formation and creation of architecture and enrich its architectural output, despite the wide presentation of the concepts of difference and contradiction but these propositions only addressing each notion separately without knowing their relationship as critical methods and trends shaping the contemporary architecture and achieving communication with community structure, So the problem of research has determined with (lack of comprehensive knowledge study describes the most important applied mechanisms to concepts of difference and contradiction as critical methods contribute to the production of continuous civilized building formation patterns of interaction between the designer objective and the receiver subjective), In order to address this problem, a conceptual framework was built for the methods of difference and contradiction, and the election a number of architectural projects of “Eisenman” which shows difference and contradiction as a clear critical trends and methods as applied mechanisms or strategies produce emerged architecture formation patterns of outreached architectural output among clones of what is happening globally or immersed in cloning for local references, and then described and evaluated them in accordance with indicators drawn from the conceptual framework of the concepts of difference and contradiction that place and give the more plausible explanation, presenting a number of recommendations to depend on as critical methodology contribute in production of patterns forming architecture, its recognition swinging between what is subjective accompanies sensory perception and what is that accompanies mental perception, and as sentimental mechanism for networking events, harmony and pleasure and thrill in physical output.


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