1 Materials Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad

2 Materials Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad.


this work focuses on the preparation specimens of metal matrix composite materials exemplified alloy (Al-4%Si) reinforced by yttria particles Y2O3 with different weight percentage (1,2and 3). Effect of yttria particles on polarization behavior of (Al-4% Si alloy) in sulfuric acid (0.5 M) was studied by using potentiostat in the presence and the absence of natural honey with different concentration (1and 2gm/L) as inhibitor. The results show that the values of tafel slops and corrosion rate (Rmpy) of composite materials reinforcing with particles of yttria with three percentage decreases with increasing the concentration of honey, and the efficiency of inhibition (El%) of composite materials in the acidic solution was more than that of base alloy after adding 2gm/L of inhibitor corrosive medium are (64.79%, 77.49% and 88.79%) respectively.


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