1 Biomedical Engineering Department,, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

2 Biomedical Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


TiO2 / Polypropylene composite considers very promising biomaterials in bone replacement and repair application, but mechanical properties still out of load bearing scaffolds application. In this work, two approaches were suggested to produce enhanced polymeric matrix bio composite for scaffolds application, 1st one was by using Nano TiO2 particles to produce bio composite with good mechanical properties. while the 2nd approach applied by the addition of Al2O3 Nano particles. Different processing conditions have been used like different compounding pressures, compounding temperatures, and chemical composition. This work aimed to investigate the effect of these additions and processing factors on mechanical and physical properties for the proposed composite. Linear and multiple regression modeling techniques approached, and the mathematical models have been concluded and evaluated. The optimum preparation factors have been reduced and analyzed with Taguchi method to find the best preparation criteria to prepare the best mechanical properties product. Using Nano scale TiO2 powder enhanced mechanical and physical properties, moreover the addition of Nano Al2O3 powder maximize the mechanical properties to very similar values to natural bone.


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