1 Department / Registrar of University of Technology Baghdad, Iraq

2 Department of Materials Engineering, University of Technology , Baghdad, Iraq

3 Department of Registration and Student Affairs, University of Technology


This research studied the effect of nano silica particles on wear behavior test , ultimate tensile strength ,impact strength, fracture toughness and hardness shore D of specimens composite material. The hand-lay-up method is used to preparation of specimens established from unsaturated polyester resin matrix reinforcement with 4% weight fraction glass fiber (chopped / woven) mat and 1%, 3%, 5% weight fraction of nano silica particle. The nano silica particles used in this study has an average size of (less than 45nm). The results showed that the specimen (up+4% woven glass fiber+5% nano SiO2) gives better mechanical properties include ultimate tensile strength, impact strength, fracture toughness and hardness shore D (110 MPa, 13.7 K.J/m2, 18.92 MPa.m1/2, 85 shore D) respectively,when compare other specimens. The wear rate decreased from (22.5×10-4 cm3/N.m) for specimen (pure unsaturated polyester resin) to (0.18×10-4 cm3/N.m) for specimen (UP+4% woven glass fiber +5% nano SiO2) under parameter 7N (load), 15 minutes (sliding time), 2m/s (sliding speed) and (7 cm) sliding distance.


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