Control and Systems Engineering Department, University of Technology Baghdad, Iraq


In this paper, the problem of controlling a group of mobile robots is considered; each one operates with the nonlinear nonholonomic under actuated dynamics. A coordinated control scheme is designed based on leader-follower(s) method to achieve prescribed formation maneuvers. This objective is fulfilled using the approach of sliding mode controller based on conditional servocompensator, which will bring the system error trajectories into a positively invariant set (boundary layer) close to the origin. Then, a special form of servocompensator conditional integrator, which will be active only inside the boundary layer, will regulate the trajectories to the origin in finite time. Compared to the traditional integral which will deteriorate the performance of the feedback system, the conditional version will have a very insignificant effect on the performance. The simulation results show that the designed controller is able to achieve the objective efficiently with very reasonable control actions.


Main Subjects