1 Office of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Post Graduate Studies, University of Technology Baghdad, Iraq.

2 Ministry of Education, Baghdad, Iraq.

3 Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Materials Research, Baghdad, Iraq.


In this paper, RF Magnetron sputtered TiO2 thin films deposited on
glass slices at various powers (75,100,125 and 150) Watt for (1.5) hour and
different thickness (62.5-88-118 and 132.6) nm, the TiO2 thin films annealed with
400°C for 2 hour and the morphology and structure of these films are described
by X-ray diffraction XRD and atomic force microscopy AFM to show the phase
structure. X-ray diffraction investigation uncovered that the crystalline size of the
TiO2 thin films displays an expanding pattern with increasing the sputtering
power. The preferred orientation of (101) was watched for the films deposited
with sputtering power of (75,100,125 and 150) Watt.


Main Subjects