Office of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Post Graduate Studies, University of Technology Baghdad, Iraq.


TiO2 nanocrystalline thin films are widely used as antireflection coating
in solar cell, in this paper, RF magnetron sputtering technique is used to prepare
TiO2 thin film on glass substrates, TiO2 thin films deposited under different
powers (75,100,125 and 150) Watt for (1.5) hour resulted in different layer
thickness (62.5,88,118 and 132.6) nm respectively. The optical properties
examined by UV-VIS spectroscopy. TiO2 thin films exhibit a high transparency in
the region from about 350 nm above, we suggest that these results indicate the
most suitable growing conditions for obtaining high quality sputtered TiO2 thin
films with higher transparence performance for solar cell application. the optical
absorbance coefficient for all films were genuinely high esteems coming to above
104 cm-1, which implies that there is allowed direct transitions, the energy gab
reach to the typical value of the bulk TiO2 (3.5) eV.


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