Biology Department, Science College, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.


In this study, antibacterial activity of ethyl acetate extracts of Agaricus
bisporus fruiting bodies and ethyl acetate extracts of Albizzia lebbeck leaves were
examined in-vitro with (2) two pathogenic bacteria (Escherichia coli and Proteus)
and yeast (Candida albicanus), following agar well diffusion method using
different concentrations (25, 50, and 100μl). The extracts of Agaricus bisporus and
Albizzia lebbeck were showed potent antimicrobial activity against tested bacteria
and yeast. Agaricus bisporus fruiting bodies extract was showed the highest
inhibitory effect versus growth of bacteria and yeast were tested in this study. The
E. coli and Proteus were found to show large sensitivity to the extracts of Agaricus
bisporus with 12 and 13mm inhibition zones respectively at 25 μl concentration
while Candida albicanus was more resistant to this extract with inhibition zone of
9mm at 25 μl concentration. In the same time the inhibition zone of Albizzia
lebbeck against E coli, Proteus and Candida albicanus were 12, 10.8, 6mm
respectively at 25 μl concentration.


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