Applied Science Department, University of Technology, Baghdad,Iraq.


In this paper, effects of temperature and concentration on the
absorption spectra for Polyvinyl chloride solutions are studied at wavelengths
from 200 to 400 nm and with the range of temperature 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60
degrees (Co). Electronic absorption spectra were examined over the
wavelength range 200-400 nm by different concentrations (1x10-3, 8x10-4,
6.5x10-4, 5x10-4 and 3x10-4)[M]. The UV spectra shifted slightly towards
large wavelength with increasing the temperature. The values of the energy
gap of polyvinyl chloride are decreasing as concentration and temperature
increased. The data shows that the refractive index of the polymer decreases
with increasing the wavelength and temperature. The relationship between the
absorption coefficient and photon energy of the PVC solutions are calculated.


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