1 Environmental Research Center, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.

2 Technical Department, Ministry of Health and Environment, Baghdad, Iraq.


The environmental and social impacts of bricks factory based on the information's collected from old brick factories in Al-Nahrawan. This information includes water, air and soil sample analysis, community questionnaire, climate and topography of the region and standards to create model for modern brick factory. Practically the results of the analysis of soil pH, exceed the determinants of the WHO, while some cations such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+, Cr3+, Ni2+ , carbon content, and TDS were within the limit. High values for volatile organic compounds, PMs, TSP, NO2 and SO2 resulting from the combustion of the fuel used in the manufacturing process during the four months were the outside the Iraqi determinants. The results of the questionnaire analysis devolve toward the creation of bricks factories with a modern and environment friendly technology. The study presented numbers of recommendations for modern brick factories and showed the extent of the community's awareness contaminants posed by traditional brick plants. Alternatives and environmental monitoring plan for the project so as to ensure the protection of the surrounding environment.


Main Subjects