1 Petroleum Technology Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.

2 Construction and Building Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


Data for aluminum concentration in Baghdad raw and drinking water have been taken from Baghdad Mayoralty for the period of the year (2005-2006) and for six water treatment plants (Al-Karkh, East Tigris, Al-Wathba, Al-Karama, Al-Qadisia and Al-Dora). The available data were analyzed by using statistical programs like (spss, statistica, grapher and excel) .Relation with water quality parameters was obtained like relation with pH and temperature. From the study the pH value was found to be ranged between (7.45-7.85) in supplied water for minimum aluminum residual. From the contour plot results show that an equation has been concluded which connect concentration with pH and temperature. Seasonal variation was also studied; maximum concentration found to be in summer season, at Al-Karama and Al-Wathba water treatment plants concentrations were constant during the period of the study. Comparison between water treatment plants was also made, Al-Qadisia and Al-Karkh water treatment plants have the best control conditions, aluminum concentrations were found to be within the Iraqi drinking water quality standards (0.2 mg/l).


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