Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Applied Sciences, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

2 Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of South Africa, UNISA0003, South Africa


In the context of decision support systems, bi-capacities were introduced as an extension of classical capacities. Many bipolar fuzzy integrals related to the bi-capacities have been presented in recent years. One of these integrals is the Sugeno integral concerning aggregation on bipolar scales. The paper aims to build an equivalent representation of the bipolar Sugeno integral. Therefore, we first employ in this paper the framework based on a ternary-criterion set for proposing an alternative formula of the bipolar Sugeno integral to be suitable for bipolar scales.  Then, we discuss some basic properties and give an illustrative example of this representation. This representation is consistent as an extension of the representation concerning the classical capacities and aggregation on the Sugeno integral unipolar scales.


  • An alternative representation of the bipolar Sugeno integral was proposed to be suitable for bipolar scales.
  • Study the main properties of this integral.
  • This representation is consistent as a generalization of the expression concerning the classical Sugeno integral.


Main Subjects

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