Department of biology, College of Science University of AL-Mustansiriyah


Cyanobacteria are prokaryotic photosynthesis algae able to produce toxins and that cause problems in water quality, agriculture and aquatic organisms As well as concerns about the public health for humans. Among the cyanobacterial toxins, microcystins (MC) are the most common. In this study, Identification and Isolation of blue green algae Chroococcus minor and Oscillatoria amonea Belonging to the cyanobacteria division, BG-11 media were used to cultivation. In suitable laboratory conditions (25 ±2C°, 260μE/m2/sec) for 16:8 hrs. Light: dark. The culture was harvested after 30 days and determine the effects of the extracellular of both algae on seed germination for Vigna radiate. The results showed reduction in root and shoot length of the exposed seedlings. Observed throughout the study that with increased concentration of cyanobacterial cell extract been found on the growth radicle and shoots decreasing. It was found the begin decomposition of roots and is not configured to lateral root at treatment (5 ml D.W + 5ml extract) recorded 4.9 cm. the highest inhibitor in seed germination it is recorded 4.7 cm at treatment 10 ml extract


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