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Electromechanical Engineering Dept., University of Technology-Iraq, Alsina’a street,10066 Baghdad, Iraq.


Photosynthesis requires additional energy. Such energy can be obtained by building a greenhouse, which traps sunlight's heat. The primary challenge in greenhouse growing is stabilizing temperature swings. Adapting conventional heating and cooling systems can provide additional energy to the greenhouse. In the greenhouse, solar energy is a vital energy source that is directly connected to the power supply. The greenhouse control systems have been adapted and implemented to meet the demands of plant cultivation due to wireless automation, design, control, and monitoring services. This study provides an effective automation system for greenhouses. It lowers the power, leads to consumption, and allows for remote control and monitoring. They show that the control model monitors sensing data are an accurate tool for computing sensing and the self-management of output devices. It was also found that this technology has several positive attributes such as easy network management and motor controls, soil moisture, humidity, temperature, and sensor to solar panel voltage. It measures the four sensors included in the suggested design system. Each sensor measures changes in the environment inside the greenhouse. All sensors are accessible in varied ratios to run devices plugged for different operations because irrigation, refrigeration, and air conditioning always start when depletion occurs.

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  • Photosynthesis requires additional energy, which can be obtained by building a greenhouse that traps sunlight's heat.
  • The primary challenge in greenhouse growing is stabilizing temperature swings.
  • The greenhouse control systems have been adapted and implemented to meet the demands of plant cultivation.


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