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1 Applied science department, university of technology - iraq

2 Laser and Optoelectronic engineering, University of technology-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq.

3 Semiconductor Photonics & Integrated Lightwave Systems (SPILS), School of Microelectronic Engineering, University Malaysia Perlis, 02600, Arau, Perlis, Malaysia


Due to the significance of Nb2O5 as a promising industrial and biomedical material and the importance of Raman analyses to identify nanostructural molecular responsivity for various applications, this study aims to investigate Nb2O5 molecular bands that emerged under the impact of the Raman scattering phenomenon. Besides other advantages, Raman scattering analyses can provide a further investigation of the nanostructural polycrystalline phases supporting the XRD analyses. A pulsed laser was selected as the deposition technique for Nb2O5 thin films prepared with four different parameters. The selection of the pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method was due to the insufficient studies and investigations of Nb2O5 nanostructures prepared via this method. The deposition parameters included the laser energy per pulse, substrate temperature, laser wavelength, and the number of laser pulses. Each preparation parameter was studied in a range, and one obtained value was optimized or selected for investigating the next parameter. Q-switched Nd:YAG pulsed laser was employed for this purpose. Orthorhombic (T-Nb2O5) and monoclinic (H-Nb2O5) were obtained and investigated. XRD analysis was incorporated to confirm the resulting Nb2O5 phases. Previous studies and observations of Niobium (V) oxide molecular Raman scattering bands were also listed for comparison purposes. The results of this study were well-agreed with the previously obtained results.

Graphical Abstract


  • T-Nb2O5 nanoparticle was achieved.
  • A single step of laser ablation in liquid at different preparation parameters was performed.
  • Raman spectroscopy and structural properties were conducted and analyzed.


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