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1 Mechanical Engineering, Carits University Amorji-Nike Enugu Nigeria

2 mechanical and production engineering, enugu state university of science and technology, Enugu Nigeria

3 Mechanical Engineering department, Enugu state university of science and technology, Enugu


Determination of Temperature-Time Profile by the Lumped thermal mass analysis (LTMA) method using Tiger-Nut Juice as the impinging fluid on the cooling system was carried out. With a stationary hot steel plate on a modified run-out table for the top surface controlled the accelerated cooling process. This was evaluated with pipe diameters of 10mm, 15mm, 30mm, 35mm, and 40mm by single jet Tiger-Nut Juice impinging fluid, impingement gaps of 115mm, 125mm, 135mm, 145mm, and 155mm, initial surface temperatures from 450oC – 410oC and at sub-cooled temperatures from 150oC–110oC. The analysis reveals a faster cooling rate for both diameters at an impingement gap of 155mm. Diameter 10mm with 1.8oC/sec average rate, for impingement gap of 115mm, 1.8oC/sec for impingement gaps of 125mm, 135mm and 145mm and 1.9oC for 155mm. This optimal temperature-time profile of Tiger Nut Juice impingement cooling infers that a higher cooling rate is achieved using smaller pipe diameter D and higher impingement gap H. In addition, it showed evidence of less Leiden frost phenomenon; hence, extracted tiger nut juice fluid can perfectly serve as a substitute for water at smaller pipe diameters and higher impingement gaps. Also, it was inferred that it also cools at a bigger pipe diameter with a lower impingement gap.

Graphical Abstract


  • Tiger-Nut juice extracted for impingement
  • Tiger-Nut juice extracted for impingement process on a run-out table for steel production, a novel impingement fluid.
  • The use of Lumped thermal mass analysis makes it less cumbersome than pool boiling mechanism analysis to determine the cooling rate.


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