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1 civil department , university of technology ,Baghdad , iraq

2 Civil Engineering Dept., University of Technology-Iraq, Alsina’a street, 10066 Baghdad, Iraq.


Helical piles are a kind of foundation that can withstand compression, tension, and lateral stresses. However, this kind of pile was utilized extensively globally for almost 25 years. Its behavior, particularly in Iraq, is uncertain and frightening. The current research used the finite element technique to analyze this kind of pile. The helical pile geometry was suggested to be modeled using the finite element method using the computer software Plaxis 3D The soil used is medium sandy soil. Additionally, parametric analyses were conducted. The primary parametric research examines the impact of helix number, helix spacing, helix diameter, and helix configuration under cyclic load. The main results are more helices in a pile, the lower the amplitude of settlement (in the direction of z) compared to a pile without helices. As a result, the amplitude of settlement in the case of two helices decreased by 81.6 %, while the amplitude of settlement in the case of three-helix decreased by 77.74 %. In the case of three helices, the higher spacing between the helices, the lower the value of the amplitude of settlement (in the direction of z). The effect of the number of helices in the hardening soil model is more than the effect of the number of helices in the Mohr-Coulomb. As a final result, increasing the number of helices in a pile has a more significant effect in reducing the amplitude of settlement than increasing the between the helices.

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As a final result, increasing the number of helices in a pile has a greater effect on reducing displacement amplitude than increasing the distances between the helixes.


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