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It is possible to represent the road map on the paper and study it using Dijkstra`s algorithm to find the shortest path on the real earth. Dijkstra`s Algorithms are used for calculating the shortest path from source to sink to enable query operations that follow. Dynamic shortest-route techniques are needed to accommodate the modifications within the underlying community topology. Every solution includes figuring out the nodes whose shortest routes could be impacted through the updates and producing a list of affected vertices and their updated shortest pathways. In this work, the advent of the retroactive priority queue information structure makes the Dijkstra algorithm dynamic. In this research, the stepping is changed forward in the shortest direction for 2 networks and two directions. That changed by locating the shortest static path, then circulating to the first node after the beginning node. At this node, the weights inside the segments directed from this node will exchange and cancel the vintage shortest direction and locate the new direction. Then flow to the next node in the new find shortest path, and repeat the operation until the end.  The idea is that the best path can be constantly changed based on the latest data. These continuous changes are addressed in this paper, where the proposed system can find the best methods and update them automatically according to the variables.

Graphical Abstract


  • Dijkstra algorithm was used in this study.
  •  The shortest path was found using the Dijkstra algorithm for static weights for each of the single-direction and two-direction maps
  • The dynamic shortest path was found using the Dijkstra algorithm according to changing the following weights for each of single direction and two-direction maps


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