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1 1Electrical Engineering Department University of Technology Baghdad, Iraq

2 Hay-hetten, Alshurta Tunnel. Al-Mansure, Baghdad, Iraq


With the development of communication systems, antennas of small size and high gain have become essential to keep up with the new challenges. The metamaterials made these challenges possible. In this paper, a new low-profile metamaterials-based array is designed. The array unit cell comprises a symmetric composite right left hand (CRLH) unit cell. A third-order Hilbert curve structure replaces the VIA, and aperiodic slots are introduced between the unit cells to enhance the overall performance. This design provides a significant improvement over the original design. CST MWS was used to stimulate the design. Gain and S11 are calculated to evaluate the antenna performance; a dual- bandwidth was achieved extended from (3.72 to 3.79) GHz and (6.99 to 8.55) GHz with maximum antenna gain equal to (5.28, 7.66) dBi, respectively. The antenna is characterized by its small size and high efficiency, making it suitable for Long-Term Evolution LTE, 5G, and satellite applications.

Graphical Abstract


  • This paper introduces the design of low-profile metamaterial-based arrays.
  • The array unit cell comprises a CRLH unit cell. A third-order Hilbert curve structure replaces the VIA, and aperiodic slots are introduced between the unit cells to enhance the overall performance.
  • A dual- bandwidth was achieved extended from (3.72 to 3.79) GHz and (6.99 to 8.55) GHz with maximum antenna gain equal to (5.28, 7.66) dBi, respectively.


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