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1 Electrical Engineering Dept., University of Technology-Iraq, Alsina’a street, 10066 Baghdad, Iraq.

2 Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq


The health care problems are errors in taking medication, improper storage of the medication, irregularly taking the medication on time, and not knowing the side effects of taking medication with different foods. This work aims to find an integrated system that works on informing people of the medicine they take, the exact dose of the medicine at all times, keeping the medicine from spoiling, alerting the patient to the side effects of the medicine, and creating tables for taking the history of taking medicines. This assists doctors when going to the hospital in emergency cases. The innovative drugstore is built from Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Magnetic Door Sensor, Keypad, Arduino Mega, Esptessif modules Arduino, Liquid Crystal Display, built-in cloud-based on firebase database, build Smart application works on mobile phones, and computer operating systems based on the JavaScript language. The innovative drugstore uses Internet of Things technology to automate the control of all previous parts. The innovative drugstore efficacy has been tested on 12 drugs that differ from each other in use and properties and proven to be effectively enhanced by results through adherence to dose (96.45%), time to adherence (96.18%), and expiration (97.81%). The early pharmacy operates on-site as it is provided with a username, password, and on-site alerts from a Light Emitting Diode alert bell. The smart pharmacy also works with the smart system through IoT technology. The smart pharmacy can be used in different workplaces, homes, and hospitals.

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  • The smart pharmacy works with the smart system through IoT technology.
  • The health care problems are errors in taking medication and improper storage of the medication.
  • This paper provides an integrated system for health care services for patients and provides a solution to them by an Innovative drugstore.


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