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1 Department of Electrical Engineering University of Technology-Iraq Bagdad, Iraq

2 Department of Electrical Engineering University of Technology-Iraq


For a long time, extensive research on microstrip bandpass filters has been documented to meet the standards of modern multiservice wireless communication systems. The multiband bandpass filters (BPF) are required for the receiver front end to function as a single device that caters to many bands at the same time. Planar bandpass filters are particularly promising because of their simplicity of manufacture using printed circuit technology, compactness, and low integration cost. Due to the need for high integration, low cost, and high-speed data transmission, the design and implementation of filters for fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication systems is difficult. This paper presents and discusses a detailed survey of existing research on microstrip single\multiband bandpass filter designs for fifth-generation applications, with a focus on the latest advancements in this research and the difficulties that researchers face. Various designs and techniques were given. A detailed comparison of several design techniques is presented and discussed to offer researchers the benefits and drawbacks of each technique and design that may be of interest to a certain application. Recent microstrip single/multiband BPFs are included in the surveys, which use different design techniques and achieve varying performance for current and future fifth-generation applications.

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  • Present various design techniques for present and future 5G applications.
  • Presents and discusses a comparison of alternative design techniques and layouts while focusing on the most important parameters of microstrip BPFs.
  • Deriving the major challenges from these reviews, which included the size, performance, and individuality of microstrip BPFs filters.


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