Document Type : Research Paper


Computer Sciences Dept., University of Technology-Iraq, Alsina’a street, 10066 Baghdad, Iraq.


Image encryption is a crucial area for researchers in information security, which protects digital images from unauthorized access. This paper proposes a novel image encryption scheme based on the multi-chaotic system. This paper is about encrypting color images based on a 2D Henon map and a 3D Lorenz map. We used the 2D Henon map equation to generate a new S-Box, thus creating a solid cipher that is difficult to break (for the confusion operation). We then generate keys from the 3D Lorenz map for the shifting process (for diffusion operation). A comparative analysis and the simulation test show that the suggested image cryptosystem has some excellent properties, including high sensitivity, fast encryption/decryption, a large keys-pace, excellent statistical properties related to the ciphertext, etc. 

Graphical Abstract


  • A novel encryption scheme was proposed based on a multi-chaotic system for secure communications.
  • The scheme employs a strong cipher generated from a 2D Henon map for the S-Box and a 3D Lorenz map for key generation.
  • The proposed encryption method demonstrates high performance, offering efficiency and robustness against attackers.


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