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1 Polymer and Petrochemical Engineering Dept., Basra University for Oil And Gas – Basra-Iraq.

2 Materials Engineering Dept., University of Technology-Iraq, Alsina’a street, 10066 Baghdad, Iraq.


Present-day industrial need high surface engineering quality since it deals with many material properties that are applied in modern applications. Autocatalytic plating of material surfaces enhances their mechanical and chemical properties. This study used electroless plating to create (NiP-TiC-SiC) nanocomposite coatings on alumina ceramic under various time and temperature deposition conditions to get the best performances of nanocomposite coatings. Different coating morphologies have been created, as seen in (FESEM) images. The (EDX) results show that the (NPs) were effectively integrated and that the main elements of the coating are nickel and phosphorus. The (XRD) pattern validates the existence of metallic nickel and the phases (NiP, Ni2P, and Ni3P).  The hydrophobic properties of the (NiP-TiC-SiC) NCCS generated at (95C for 30 minutes) increased to (127.260). The corrosion behavior was studied via the electrochemical method, which was done in the (3.5 wt%) NaCl at (25C) and the results showed that the addition of (TiC) together with (SiC) nanoparticles shows a significant enhancement in the polarization resistance, the maximum polarization resistance value was obtained for (NiP-TiC-SiC) prepared at (60 minutes 85C) and it is equal to (56.31419 kΩ.cm).

Graphical Abstract


  • The morphology of the coating was changed by the addition of nanoparticles.
  • The best contact angle was obtained for the coating prepared at (95C for 30 minutes).
  • Polarization resistance was improved notably for coating produced at (85C for 60 minutes). 


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