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1 Applied Science Dept., University of Technology-Iraq, Alsina’a street, 10066 Baghdad, Iraq

2 Faculty of science- physics Dep, Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq.


A new oxide glass host of the form (50-x) B2O3-25TeO2-25BaO-xDy2O3 (where x was varied from 0 to 1.25 mol%) was prepared using the conventional melt-cast quenching method. The study investigated how the glasses' structural, physical, and elastic properties were affected by varying amounts of Dy2O3. The XRD patterns of the samples indicated that they possessed an amorphous nature. FTIR spectrum displayed the vibration mode of trigonal and bipyramidal units like TeO3, TeO4, BO4, and BO3 together with Te-O-Te and Te-O linkages, indicating bridging oxygen (BO). The observed increase in the density (from 4.535 - 4.772 was ascribed to the network structure contraction. The improvement in the elastic moduli of the glasses (obtained from the measured shear and longitudinal acoustic velocity) was mainly due to Dy2O3 doping with higher molecular weight. Consequently, it increased the glass rigidity by forming more BO in the glass network, altering the physical and structural characteristics. The obtained rise in the Debye temperature (from 334.0107–351.383 K) and softening temperature (from 399.6075-451848 K) was due to BO-mediated changes in CN. (coordination number) of the glass network. It was shown that the mechanical and structural characteristics of the proposed glass host can be tailored by tuning the Dy2O3 contents. These glasses may be useful for making high-strength optical fibers. 

Graphical Abstract


  • Barium-boro-tellurite glasses with 0-1.25% Dy2O3 were made using melt-quench method
  • Glasses were characterized to evaluate the effects of varying Dy2O3 content on properties
  • Increasing Dy2O3 density by modifying the glass network created a more compact, connected structure
  • FTIR analysis provided chemical bonding and vibration information as a function of Dy2O3 content
  • Mechanical properties improved with increased BO bonds forming from Dy2O3, enhancing rigidity


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