The research includes an applied study and description of the possibility of
heat recovery from the superheated vapour in the discharge of compressor of a
demostic refrigerator for a purpose of using it in heating food, i.e. operating as a
heat pump. The modified design of refrigeration cycle in a order to as reverse the
flow of the refrigerant fluid in two way, the first includes a heat recovery coil &
solenoid valves, and the second the addition of a heat Recovery coil and a three
way reverse valve, and designing the electric cycles for both models.
The effect of this modification on the coefficient of performance in a partial
and total load operation were obtained. There has been an improvement in the
operation of cycle performance, while working as a heat pumps of (10%) more
than its refrigeration cycle only. This addition comes from the increase of sub -
cooling Liquid of refrigerant by (3 to up 6) Co. This has improved the extracted
heat in evaporator coil. The temperature of the heat cabinet may reach 60 Co and
it is a sufficient for heat the food. The effect of this modification on the rates of
pressure drop in tubes was found to be of little amount, and its effect on the
performance of the compressor may be negligible.