The effect of hydrochloric acid and citric acid was studied experimentally for
boiler chemical cleaning to determine the dissolved scale by using carbon steel
samples of water-side boiler tubes sections ,different concentrations of hydrochloric
acid HCL and citric acid were used
(2%,3%,4% and 5%) to calculate the weight loss of samples then determined the
dissolved scale in gm/m2. The more efficient acid for the chemical cleaning, was
found to be HCL acid at 5% concentration by using 0.3% rodin inhibitor at temp.
60 and time 30 minute to obtain 248 gm/m2 of dissolved scale while the citric
acid at 5% concentration by using 0.3% hexamine inhibitor and temp.70 and
time 240 minute to obtain 168 gm/m2 of scale dissolved.