The luminescent concentrator which used consisting of organic fluorescence dyes
such as Rhodamine 6G doped in article Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) to configure a
specific membrane thickness, and then put these films on the glass plate solar collector
model with energy halogen Lamp (1000 Watt) as a source of light to represent of
fluorescence collector.
Examining the effect of these pigments on the efficiency of the solar collector as a
function of the temperature difference between the water inside and outside of the solar
collector. Where the increasing in the amount of the difference between the
temperature refers to increasing the efficiency of the performance of solar collector.
Results showed that the efficient performance of the solar collector increases with the
increase in the intensity of incident light with existence the luminescent concentrator
,where the rising water temperature of (24 K) compared with (20 K) when there is not
existence the luminescent concentrator when the intensity of radiation falling (1500
W/m2) and increasing efficiency of solar collector to 20% .