The inhibition behavior of Dimethylethanolamin (DMEA) on corrosion 7613
Aluminum alloy in 0.6 M NaCl solution have been investigated using weight loss,
polarization techniques .Five different concentrations (2*10-3, 4*10-3, 6*10-3 ,
8*10-3 and 10*10-3) M of (DMEA) were studded at 250 C. Also examine of
temperature effect (25, 35, 45)0 C on the inhibitor efficiency .The results indicated
that the inhibition occurs by absorption of inhibitor molecules on the metal surface.
The inhibition efficiency (I %) was found to increase with increasing inhibitor
concentration and decreasing with increasing temperature. For inhibitor
concentration close to (8*10-3 M) maximum inhibition efficiency obtained was 92
%. Above this inhibitor concentration value in the solution the inhibitor efficiency
Polarization measurements showed that the DMEA act as a mixed type inhibitor.
The corrosion potential (Ecorr.) values shifted to less negative values by increasing
the concentration of DMEA in the solution up to (8*10-3 M). Adsorption of DMEA
on the surface of Aluminum is found to obey the Langmuir isotherm