A 2-D plane, steady, incompressible, turbulent flow field developed by natural
convection inside inclined solar chimney at different inclination angles ranging
from (30o to 90o), heat fluxes from (100 W/m² to 500 W/m²) and chimney
thickness(0.1, 0.2 m) chimney is investigated numerically. It is found that
maximum air temperature and maximum volume flow rate was 101.7oC, 306.3
m³/h respectively at heat flux,500 W/m2; inclination angle; 90o and chimney
thickness; 0.2m. Maximum outlet air velocity was 0.488 m/s at chimney
thickness; 0.1m, heat flux; 500 W/m2; and inclination angle; 90o. Increase in heat
flux, inclination angle and chimney thickness leads to increasing of volume flow
rate. Increase in chimney cross-sectional area leads to decrease in air velocity and
increase in volume flow rate