In this project, the location of the phase transition in the two dimensional Ising
model will be determined using Monte Carlo simulation with importance sampling.
the magnetization per site [m ], energy per site [J ], magnetic susceptibility, specific
heat of a Ferromagnetic materials are Calculated as a function of temperature T for
10´10, 20´ 20, 40´ 40 , 50´50 spin lattice interaction by using Monte Carlo
Simulation of the 2D Ising Model for some experimental values of ferromagnetic
materials such as Gadolinium Chloride ( ) 3 GdCl at Curie temperature
c T B = 2.2 J k , and ferromagnetic thin film from Nickel ( ) i N growth on
cooper (Cu)at Curie temperature c B T = 2.772 J k , in zero and nonzero magnetic
field. It was noticed that above a certain temperature ( ) c T the material will be in a
paramagnetic state, this will lead to that the average magnetization will be decrease
and the average energy increase, while below that temperature ,it will be in a
ferromagnetic state, and the average magnetization will increase and the average
energy decrease. Moreover, above a certain temperature spontaneous magnetization
will be zero