In this search, a colored image of French satellite SPOT, of Shirkat country in
Salahadeen was used with resolution about (5m) for an area with dimensions
(4km×8km), and a digital elevation model (DEM) with grids (20m×20m) and
levels reach to (1m) resolution from the same satellite for the same country, with
an image taken from the IKONOS satellite with (1m) resolution, in addition to
master plan and administrative map for the same area.
The IKONOS satellite image processed digitally, and intersected with the
DEM, to create a three dimensional model for the area under study, with
resolution about (1mm), by the use of AutoCAD and GIS programs, and making a
comparison between the field survey and the images information, resulting
extensive information about the levels in shirkat country streets and the
surrounding buildings, and an attributive results about the agricultural or desert
spaces around the country.