In this study, the motions of slow electrons in air and nitrogen with it's
mixtures are studies by details. We solved numerically Boltzmann transport
equation to calculate the parameters E, Vd
and D/m have been possible to deduce
expression empirical formula from which may be derived the drift velocity,
collisional frequencies, electronic temperature and mean energy loss per collision.
These results applied to the ionosphere allow electronic collisional frequencies to
be ready found in the ionosphere below 94 km, from the pressure of the air. The
collision cross-sections of the molecules of air and nitrogen when the electronics
temperature is less than about 2600°K.
The addition results are presented for electrons drifting through air in a steady
state of motion under the action of the electric field, such as, KT, U, Q, Q0, ω,
ω/P,h, hKT , and W/D for both Maxwell and Druyvesteyn distribution laws. This
parameters are graphically as a functions for their variables.
The results appeared excellent agreements with the experiments and
theoretical data.