University of Technology-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq


In this work a type of polymer blend has been prepared from mixing different
percent (40,50,60, and 70) % of High-density polyethylene, polypropylene and adding 6%
weight percent of acrylonitril-butadiene-styrene by using single-screw extruder. The
extrusion process concentrated on the homogeneous mixing manner among materials
through a regular selection of machine screw revolution per minute and temperature used in
extrusion process. Some of mechanical properties such as impact strength, modulus of
elasticity and shore hardness of polymer blend, were determined at different weight fraction
of blend. It was found that the addition (6%wt) of ABS to the binary blends HDPE/PP leads
to increase the modulus of elasticity, the impact strength and shore hardness.
On the other hand increasing % HDPE content from 40 to 70wt% in HDPE/PP
ternary blends leads to increase the modulus of elasticity from 166.35 Mpa to 186.25 Mpa,
and impact strength increase from o.o52 to o.o6 J/mm2 while decreases the shore hardness
from 89 to 69.