In this study water sample taken from kirmashiya marsh and its tributaries of (majray,
kirmashiya and Um AL-timan) were tested and analyzed. The tests covered both physical
and chemical properties; water is a good germs host and dissolves many salts which may
poisonous. Moreover, water can carry minute solids. Therefore, an important water
specification is that it should not do any harm to health whether it is used for drinking or
not. Many living organisms can live in water when they reproduce, the more these
organisms, the more polluted water is especially when nutrients are available which are
carried by water this is as far as drinking water is concerned. On the other hand, water has
several other advantages to man. It is the source of some of man's food (fish) other uses
follow AL-kirmashiya marsh was subjected to man made drying in the last decade of the
last century, forcing the population to migrate. After the downfall the old regime, the
ministry of water Resources represented by (CRIM) started to flood the area and open the
tributaries which feed the marsh and remove the embankment built to dry the marsh. The
population began to then land, using marsh water for drinking and other uses. But
laboratory tests on marsh water carried out by the center and other related offices show
deterioration in marsh water quality.
The deterioration of water quality is because there are no exit outlets to kirmashiya marsh
and the discharge waste water from human activities in surrounding areas, and discharge
of drainage water from cultivated lands nearby. All these factors have led to marsh poor
water quality