This research studied the improvement of clay brick durability by using two
methods of treatment, the first one by coating with Styrene Butadiene Rubber
(Polymer) solution and the other by submerging bricks in polymer solution for
various periods.
The results showed that using coating method causes a slight increase in the
compressive strength with a maximum percentage of 3.8% for both yellow and
green brick in comparison with untreated bricks, while the compressive strength
for the two types of the brick reduced when they treated using submerging
method, the percentage of reduction increases by about 26% and 7% for yellow
and green brick respectively at submerged period of 24 hours.
The results also indicated that no efflorescence appears for all treated bricks
(treated by coating and submerging methods for all periods) and a decrease in
absorption with maximum percentages of 26.8% and 14.5% for yellow and green
bricks respectively when the specimens submerged in polymer solution for 24
hours. All the results were compared with tested samples untreated with polymer