This research involves using epoxy resin and (Nitride Butadiene Rubber
NBR) to form a blend with different resin ratios (90 – 10)%, (80 – 20)%,
(70 – 30)%, and (60 – 40)% to achieve better ratio for impact strength as a
function of better toughness; then reinforced with SiO2 and Al2O3 powders with
(20%) volume fraction. Mechanical properties were studied including impact
strength, wear resistance, and hardness before and after immersion in water and
HCl (0.5N).
Results showed that the composite (epoxy+NBR+SiO2) had better
properties compared with blend and Al2O3 composite. Also the acid solution had
affected then properties more than water. All impact and wear and hardness
decreased after immersing in solution.