The main purpose of this research is to repair the concrete floors in contact
with alkalis action especially sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) in the floors of
factories of Vegetable Oils by using cement and sand mortars incorporated with
carbon fiber chips in proportions (0.5 – 1)% by volume was used ,superplasticizer
with a dosage of (2 -2.6) L/100 kg cement was added, thickness of cement and
sand mortars depend on damage concrete . Mechanical tests such as compressive
strength test and physical tests such as ultrasonic pulse velocity , bulk density ,
apparent porosity and water absorption tests were done to samples after curing in
normal water for ( 7 , 28 , 60 , 90 , 180 ) days and then they were exposed to
caustic soda solution (37% concentration) up to six months. Test results showed a
noticeable improvement in durability of suggested mortar mixes against such type
of aggressive alkalis solutions.