The aim of this work is to use centrifugal casting process in production of
composite materials reinforced in selected regions, and study the effect of process
parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of composite materials.
The composite material was fabricated by dispersing SiC with(53-75) μm particles in
the Al-Mg melt alloy and stirred using vortex technique. Weight fraction of
(5,10,15%) preheated sic particles were added to the melt alloy and manually stirred
until the particles were completely wetted, . The composite slurry was then reheated
to around 750 oC and agitated by means of electrical stirrer .After that the composite
slurry was poured in centrifugal casting preheated die, rotate at different rotating
speeds (900, 1400, 1800) r.p.m . Microstructure examination shows that the most of
SiC particles settled in the outer region of produced composite cylinders, but the
volume fractions for these particles are different depending on process parameters
Also the thickness of reinforced region of produced composite cylinders increases with decreasing rotating speed and with increasing weight fraction of the added SiC%
particles. Hardness test results show significant increase in composite hardness
compares with matrix alloy .The Wear resistance of composite cylinders was higher than that of matrix