This research study involves experimental and theoretical investigations of the
behavior of flexural debonding of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates
with steel anchorages. A total of nine reinforced concrete beam specimens with cross
section of (150mm width by 250mm height and 2000mm length) were investigated in
this study to observe the flexural strength of each one. Eight beam specimens were
strengthened with CFRP laminates and one beam specimen was tested without
strengthening. The experimental results showed that the use of CFRP strips as external
strengthening has significant positive effect on ultimate loads, crack patterns and
deflections. The percent of increasing of the ultimate load capacity can be increased by
about 65% when using two layers of CFRP strips instead of one layer. The ultimate
load is increased by about 118% for the beams strengthened with bonded CFRP and
external anchorage with respect to the reference beam. Three-dimensional nonlinear
finite element analysis (i.e. ANSYS - version 9.0 computer program ) is used to
investigate the performance of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with CFRP.
The comparison between the numerical and the experimental results asserted that good
validity of the numerical analysis and the methodology developed in this study.