1 Chemical Engineering Department, University of Technology / Baghdad

2 Institute of process Engineering and Environmental Tech. / Technical University Dresden / Germany


In the following sections, the recent published studies on modeling and
simulation of monolith reactors were reviewed. Mass transfer, and reaction kinetics
were achieved by establishing mass, energy and momentum balance equations. The
model equations were solved simultaneously. Such a model can be useful for studying
the impact of changes of superficial gas and liquid velocities on reaction rate within
the slug flow regime. The reaction system used is the hydrogenation α–methyl styrene
(AMS) to cumene over a palladium on γ–alumina catalyst, It is a well known
system used to understand three-phase reactor performance under mass transfer
limited condition by the gas mass transfer through the liquid film at the catalyst
surface to the active sites. The effects of superficial gas and liquid velocities on
reaction rate were studied with the range of 10 cm/s ≤ UL ≤ 30 cm/s, and 10 cm/s
≤ UG ≤ 30 cm/s. The flow pattern for all these range of velocities was in the Taylor
flow pattern.