10.30684/ etj.29.4.17


The road is the mirror of the civilization in any country so the quality and
the quantity of the paved road measure the development in the country. During
construction stage must be taking a care for a rehabilitation or maintenance
operations latest for cost saving and reduce losses in money involved for these
tow activities .The unsuccessful results in testing asphaltic mixtures always
could be occur due to unsuitable operation throughout any stage in the
production process, leading to disturb the optimum benefit use of such mixture
.This paper reviewed roadway layers ( base and surface course),and concerns
about different alternatives of designing and testing of asphaltic mixtures that
required to be succeed, and take a deviation that may be occur, and the direct or
indirect effect of that deviation on roads construction costs . The results show
that the discount ratio more than 10% is very effective and make 34%of the 35
mixes samples that taken. While, the discount ratio more than 5% leading to 46%
of the samples taken. Accordingly, this research work recommended using the
5% discount ratio as a deviation criteria and it is essential to do an appropriate
steps behind it such as adjustment of mixing proportion or increase working
inducement in case where there is no discount.