In this paper, the problem of designing dynamic multidrug therapies scheduling to
medicate the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) type 1 infection is described. The
control approach used for this purpose is the “State Dependent Algebraic Riccati
Equation”, (SDARE), which is one of the highly promising and rapidly emerging
methodologies for designing nonlinear feedback controllers. A nonlinear dynamical
model which consists of six states, where the interaction of the (HIV) particles with the
immune system of a human being, and the Highly Active Antiretrovirus Therapy
(HAART) as Control Inputs are described, and employed to design the dynamical
multidrug therapies.
The (SDARE) approach is applied to the (HIV) mathematical model to design a
suboptimal tracking controller to drive the states of the (HIV) model to a stationary state
in which the immune system of the (HIV) patient can be bolstered enough against the
virus in a way to lead to long-term control of the (HIV) by the immune System of (HIV)
patient by itself after discontinuation of therapy.