In the present work, specimens of polymeric composites were prepared from LDPE
with different wt% of TiO2 and Fe2O3 using a single screw extruder which operated at a
temperature of (150-170) Co. Results obtained reveal that after the addition of 7% of TiO2 to
LDPE, some of mechanical properties improved for example tensile strength increased from
(18.50 )MPa to (28.12) MPa tensile at break increased from (14.96) MPa to (26.02) MPa,
modulus of elasticity increased from (63) MPa to (193.98) MPa, hardness increased from
(48 ) to(75),while impact strength decreased from (0.18 ) to (0.02). After the exposure to
UV light all mechanical properties declined but pigment LDPE still has higher mechanical
properties unpigmented LDPE. Empirical equations were reached which could be used to
calculate one of the mechanical properties in terms of exposure time, weight percent of
pigment content and other mechanical properties.